If You Give Your Kid A Kindle {Or any other device}

I know some of you aren't giving your kids devices this year. I know some of you don't even have kids. But all of us need to be aware of the dangers facing kids when they are connected to the Internet. This isn't just about protecting our family, but about protecting anyone vulnerable to the predators that exist on the web. 

Just take a few minutes to read over the latest article on Covenant Eyes. You never know how God will use what you learn.


Why It’s Easy to Leave Our Kids Unsupervised on the Internet

Anytime a device, whether a Kindle, an X-box, an iPhone, or any other device, links to the Internet, there are legitimate dangers lurking. The predators and trolls in cyberspace are just as dangerous as the drug dealers on the street corners, the kid who brings a gun to school, and the teen pressuring yours to have unprotected sex. When we give our children unfettered access to the Internet, it’s like we send them to the downtown city park by themselves when they are three years old.

If we would never do that, why would we let them play on the Internet’s playground with no supervision?

But the truth is, we do it all the time. Why? Here are three possible reasons:

1. We think it requires intentionality to visit dangerous places on the Internet. However, 80% of children are exposed to pornography unintentionally while searching the Internet. My daughter was doing a research project for school on dance and movement therapy. She was on a school computer under the district-restricted WIFI. She went to a state government site she found on Google, read the preview paragraph before clicking the link, and was subjected to multiple pop-ups of pornographic images. The site had been hacked. Even though she did everything right beforehand, she still exposed herself, unintentionally, to pornography.

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