Give Grace: Unrealistic Expectations


Right away you'll probably notice we are not on the video today! Let us introduce to you our friends, Katie and Adam Reid. Jen met Katie in Michigan and we've never laid eyes on Adam in real life, but as you'll see in the video, turns out, he's a pretty good guy (even if he didn't get Katie a birthday present). They are here with a  very timely video that is so appropriate for Valentine's Day week: Unrealistic Expectations! (The video cut off their goodbye, but don't worry—all the good stuff is here.)

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As you may have noticed, unrealistic expectations can strike early on in a marriage. But the absolute worst thing you can do is harbor resentment. The second worst thing you can do is not communicate what expectations you have. The third worst thing? Try to meet expectations you simply cannot meet.

Are there any unspoken expectations y'all need to get out into the open? Set aside some time this week to have the conversation. 


Some of you may have noticed that the next movie in the 50 Shades of Grey series is out. For so many reasons, we recommend you not see this movie. First, it's soft porn. Second, it has a very twisted view on the purpose and pleasure of sex. Third, we really don't need to spend our money watching a man dominate a woman, right? We have a hard enough time in our marriage trying to cultivate a safe, intimate relationship that we don't need wacky ideas to mess with our heads.

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