Super Bowl Sunday Fun!

Craig and I love to play games and we both love to win. Truth be told, we just had a lot of fun making this video (it was so good to laugh after a really hard week)! Clearly, Jen overused her penalty flag a few times too many (and maybe let out a cackle)—but it was all in good fun! However please note: this just in from the MNL (Marriage National League):

"Tickets to the symphony" is ruled an an incomplete passed. No penalty flag on the play."

After you've watched the video (email subscribers, you can view it on YouTube or Facebook), here's what you'll need (to recap) to play:

  • paper and pen
  • scrap cloth pieces (or you can just shout "PENALTY FLAG" but it's so fun to throw one)
  • 2 colors of paper, cut into strips
  • mason jar (or some sort of container)
  • an attitude of FUN! and grace

Follow the directions in the video and have a blast! Seriously, married life is so much better when we allow space for fun and laughter. Even if things feel a bit rocky in your relationship right now, you can still have room to play! Plus, who doesn't want a jar full of date night ideas?