Marriage Takes Grit

It was one for the ages. An epic story, a grand battle.  It will be talked about in the generations to come. 

What a Super Bowl, right? 

The Patriots overcame a point margin of more than double the previously held record of 10 points.  Tom Brady won the most Super Bowl victories than any other quarterback in the history of the NFL and tying the only other player with 5 rings, the great Charles Haley.  All told, there were 31 records either tied or broken in Super Bowl LI.  What. A. Game!

I’m sure you’re probably just as stunned as I am.  But wait, the Patriots were supposed to win, right?  I mean everyone was picking the Patriots, but then the game started.  At one point, Atlanta was up 28-3.  The Patriots looked dazed, ready to receive the knockout punch from Matt Ryan and his band of brothers.  But then it happened—the greatest comeback of NFL history.

As you can probably tell, I’m a huge football fan and we have now entered into what I can the dead period between the Super Bowl and February 14 (the day pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training).  So, please indulge me the previous football references.  Whether you realize it our not, your life is part of a grand epic story in which God is fighting to free your heart from oppression and defeat.  God has called you into this epic battle to be a part of his plan.  Every great hero has a great enemy and our enemy seeks to take you out of the fight.  He harasses you with constant attacks slowly chipping away at your defenses.  He seeks to wear you out emotionally and physically.  He desires nothing but your destruction and defeat. 

That’s the bad news.

The good news is you have a Father who has staged the greatest plan in the history of the world.  Through the victory of the cross and resurrection, God has already overcome the enemy.  We have already won.  The enemy wants you to forget, dismiss, or in some cases just never know about it.  That’s where you and I come in.  We’re part of the team, part of the army, part of God’s plan.  Once you accept Jesus, you’re part of the family and God protects all that are His, in a strong and mighty way.

Our theater of war at The {K}not Project is marriage.  Jen and I both feel called to not only fight for our marriage, but for yours as well.  It’s our mission and one we take very seriously.  Make no mistake.  Our marriages are under constant attack.  There are some really good reasons for this.

  • Christian marriages are a representation of Christ’s intimate relationship with the Church.  This makes them prime targets for the enemy.  If the enemy can disrupt the relationship of you and your spouse, then it’s easier to take you both out.  Divide and conquer is the methodology here.  Have you ever found yourself angry or irritated at your spouse and when you thought about it, you couldn’t determine exactly why?  Before you react, take the time to ask yourself the simple question, “Why am I so upset?”  Is it really what you originally thought? Satan has a way of taking small things and twisting them into big things. Alternatively, he also takes big things and minimizes them (or tries to keep them covered) so you never get to the core issues that actually need attending.


  • Christian marriages are powerful relationships that God uses us to draw us closer to Him and change us into the person He intends for us to be.  This is a hard one for some folks to accept but your spouse is supposed to help facilitate the change.  In return, you are to act as a catalyst and support for the change in your spouse.  This is by God’s design.  The enemy’s tactic here is to plant seeds of doubt in the power of change, fear in what you might become and to convince you that your fine just the way you are.  Don’t give into the fear and doubt.  Growth is a powerful tool God uses in order to bring you closer to holiness.  Embrace it.


  • Christian marriages are supposed to be for life.  Divorce is devastating to those involved and everyone around them.  I consider this to be the enemy’s nuclear option.  It just wipes out everything.  You’re forever changed.  Are there times when divorce is necessary? Yes. But we also know how Satan likes to convince us that life would be so much better if and when and without. But he never shows us the whole picture. And that's because he's a deceiver. 

Maybe your marriage is looking like the Patriots in the 3rd Quarter of Super Bowl LI?  Whether not you love or hate Tom Brady and the Patriots, you have to admit they showed grit.  In the face of overwhelming odds and a desperate situation, they relied on each other, dug in their heels and fought like hell.  God’s call to us is the same.  Fight for one another.  Fight for your marriage. It takes grit. You're going to get dirty. It's going to take every ounce of strength you have...and then a whole bunch more from God and the people around you.

Be tenacious. Don't give up. Rally. It's worth it.

No matter where you might find yourself or your marriage, we’re here for you.  If God isn’t anywhere on your radar, we’d love to introduce you to Him.  If you already have a relationship with Him, how can we help?  Either way, we’d love to pray with and for you and your marriages.  Leave us your comments!  Let us know how we can support you all.