What Chokes Out Kindness

We spent our Spring Break vacation at Disney World, which means we really need another vacation to recover from this one! We had tons of fun! Who knew that we could go for 18 hours, take a 4 hour "night nap" and hit the next park by the 9am opening time? (Now you see why we need the extra vacation!)

Craig and I went into this trip with this question: Will it be easier or harder to show kindness while on vacation? Watch the video to find out our conclusion!

Email subscribers: You can view the video here. (I remembered!)

Just to recap, here something to think about:

What things invade your life and essentially choke out kindness?

Sometimes even things that are good, if they get too wild and uncontainable, choke out other things that are also good. As I shared in the video, I can let my desire to have things (and people) in tip-top shape. But when I allow the pressure to mount, it begins to skew my vision. I stop seeing the people I want to bless, and whom I want to be happy and well, and instead see only a to-do list filled with items that must be checked off. When I stop seeing my people, I stop being kind. I begin to operate as if life is filled with robots, where efficiency and order is prized above everything else. I let my selfish desire to have things my way drone out the needs and pace of my family. 

Some other things that might be an invasive species? Impatience, fear, rejection. What else? We'd love to hear what your "mint" is!