Are you spontaneous? Keeping life FUN!

After lunch with friends, an art show, and our will signing, it had been a long day driving all over the city. But it wasn't raining yet and we had still not taken our Texas-tradition bluebonnet pictures. We weren't dressed up and definitely not matching, but we stopped at our local park anyway. We took some pics, took a walk, hopped on large rocks, and (literally) swung from vines. We found a hidden trail, spied some deer, and suddenly our youngest volunteered to be the creative director for this week's video. It was a spontaneous hour of fun and that is what we're talking about this week.

Some of you who know me (Jen) know that I am not spontaneous by nature. Plans give me much comfort and security. If this video had been done by someone else, I would come away with "Oh, I need to plan to be more spontaneou!" But as I've been learning how to let go of expectations, somehow this miraculously creates more space for unplanned FUN! and I'm more willing to let life just happen, seeing where it takes me.

This video is short (less than 2 minutes) and perhaps what Craig says at the end is the most important piece of advice of all.

And all props to our girl...having us "spontaneously" pop out from behind the tree.

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Any spontaneous moments you've shared with your spouse that you'd love to share with us?