Speaking Engagement Recap (new video)

Pamphlet from Crystal Cove State Park.

Pamphlet from Crystal Cove State Park.

We did a short video on Laguna Beach to recap our amazing experience in California. It was such an honor to be invited to a church to talk about porn addiction and to be so graciously received by the staff and congregation. The Holy Spirit moved in a big way both when I spoke at the local MOPS group (40% are unbelievers!) and when we spoke together to The Grove Community Church (both located in Riverside, CA) men's Bible study. And because the people who invited us love us so well, we also had time to reconnect as a couple and explore the lovely beaches of southern California. (Tourist highlight: I walked on the beaches from Beaches! I feel at one with Bette Middler now.)

Coming home to a whirlwind of activity with the kids (4 dance performances and a school carnival), we have made an agreement that twice a month, we will have time set aside to go out and be intentional. This is for sure something that we should have been doing all along, but it is so easy to get swept up in all that is going on. When we got to CA, I was feeling so disconnected from Craig and it was amazing how much a couple of hours of good conversation helped (quality time is one of my love languages). We were supposed to select our dates yesterday, but forgot, so it's on the agenda for today!

If you would like to listen to our talk from the men's Bible study, you can click here to listen. This is the whole slate of recordings they have. Select the one called "Craig & Jen Ferguson." If you think your church might be interested in talking about this topic, please feel free to share with them.

And now, our short recap: