Imitation Self-Control Tastes a Bit like Imitation Vanilla: The Real Thing is Better

Many of you know our journey to freedom from pornography. I've also been writing about my realization that expectations, especially unreasonable ones, are kindness killers. 

I used to think that having high expectations was a good thing. I spent a lot of time chasing opportunities to keep jumping higher, reaching further, going longer. And, if I'm honest, I patted myself on the back for my self-control and self-discipline that I was able to do all these things.

Somewhere along the way, I confused my spirit of self-control with God's. And, my friends, they are two very different things.

I'm over at Shannon Popkins' place today, sharing about my failed efforts to cure Craig of his porn addiction, but also, my most recent revelations regarding my imitation self-control. I hope you'll pop by to read here.