Insecurities out, Believing God in (new video!)

It's easy sometimes to dismiss the Bible as irrelevant to our times, especially the Old Testament. But the story of Gideon in Judges 6 completely described much of what Craig has been going through. We don't often see ourselves as God sees us. But how would our outlook and attitude change if we did? How might our lives look radically different? 

It took me (Jen) awhile to see Craig as God does, but I am so glad He changed my vision, my perception, and my perspective. As a spouse, God can equip us to truly see our spouse and encourage him/her to step out of the hole and into the role God has for him or her!!

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Also, tonight (June 14) at 8pm CDT, my friend, Katie Reid, is interviewing me (Jen) about our journey through Craig's porn addiction. Many of you have heard our story, but if you have not, I'd love to invite you to hang out with us here,

You can ask questions or just listen. Even if your marriage has not been affected by porn, there's a good chance that someone you know is struggling with this in his/her life. 

Tonight, Katie and I hope to have an honest conversation about this addiction, give a basis for understanding why this happens, and let people know that hope is not at all lost!