The Dance


Craig's mom passed away yesterday at noon.

While we were all at the hospital one day last week, our youngest watched the tender interaction between her grandmother and grandfather. As he drew near to her and whispered softly with her, my daughter looked at me and simply said, "I guess this is what it means when you say 'in sickness and in health.'"


We don't ever really understand what we're signing up for when we say those words on the altar. On our wedding day, we don't fully know our spouse. We can't predict what will arise on our journey. There are unexpected joys and there are heart-wrenching heartbreaks. 

Today as I was running, the old Garth Brooks song, "The Dance" started playing in my head:

"I could have missed the pain, but I'd had to miss the dance."

After having the privilege of witnessing the great love between these two, it is without a doubt they would not have made any other decision but to hold hands and sway through it all.

They are a testimony to seeing it through, to keeping their words, and loving, even when it hurts.