Navigating changes and transitions (new video)

We all have transition and change in our lives, which mean, we all have transitions and change that affect our marriages. For many of us, change is hard. Personally, for both of us, we are easily thrown out of whack when our daily ins and outs are shifted (or turned completely upside down). 

Right now, the kids are newly out of school (hello, it's now more difficult to do this "work from home thing"), we have backyard construction going on (for the love of city permits), and Craig's mom still struggles with her illness (I was reading in Luke today about how Jesus healed the centurion's slave instantaneously and just prayed and prayed for that to happen for her).

Sometimes we will navigate change well. Sometimes we will not. Here's what we plan to do to not only survive, but hopefully thrive, through the transitions in our lives.

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