Wanna Get Away? (new video)

In Texas during the summer, the meteorologists are always talking about "high pressure systems." Sure, it makes for nice sunny days, but when it's 100+ degrees outside, one likes the "high pressure system" to move over a bit so we can have rain. Rain in the summer provides respite from the intense heat. It brings much needed moisture to a crispy, dry ground.

High pressure systems typically stay awhile, while the low pressure ones move out relatively swiftly. It makes me think about daily life. Do you ever feel like we live in a "high pressure system?" The days might be sunny and filled with joy, but it's also intense. The daily demands bear down like a hot sun and we start praying for respite. We're dry and thirsty and longing for relief.

This is why we're passionate about getting away with each other, whether it before for an extended date or a few nights away from the daily grind. We're dedicating this week to praying for y'all, that you would take some time for some respite together, for some relief from the high pressure.

If you've been waiting for an indication that you and your spouse should get away together, well, here's your sign. 

So many times we think quality time away together is a luxury, a "want." But the reality is that our day to day life is filled with distractions that inhibit our connection to each other. That want? It's actually a need. Here's what Craig and I discovered in a our quick getaway...

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What are some of the things you've done with your spouse or that you'd like to do in the coming year? We'd love to hear your ideas!