The Importance of Play in Marriage

This is a piece of metal that my mother-in-law used when she wore her scarves. 

It's mine now. 

The reason it is sacred to me is not because I've been in desperate need of what my father-in-law calls a "scarver." It's because when he was going through her things, he immediately thought of me. 

One time years ago, he and I were in an intense Scrabble battle (the real one, with the board and wooden tiles). He played the word "scarve" and convinced me that it was a verb - like when you "scarve" someone (i.e. put a scarf around the neck). He was so convincing (and a priest!), so I didn't challenge. 

I should have.

But even though I lost the game, I gained a joke with him that comes up almost every time I see him. It's one of our tokens of affections.

As he's been recounting stories of his and Sandy's adventures and as I see my new "scarver," I am reminded of the importance of play in relationships. We talk about how our kids blossom as we play with them, but as we get older and our responsibilities heavier, I think we forget what it's like to play with our spouse.

But when we take the time, we laugh. We make memories. We create inside jokes. We fashion new tokens of affections.

And these are some of the things that keep us going when we are apart, temporarily on this earth or when one of us is in Heaven.

Life is short. Find at least five minutes to play today.

Is there a game you love to play or something silly y'all just love to do together? We'd love to hear your ideas!