Podcast on Purity

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Craig and I have been publicly sharing our story for years. While there are many reasons, the two main ones are:

1) it really was awful going through porn addiction alone; and

2) it was really amazing to see how God used something so terrible to bring about something so lovely—true intimacy with God and with each other.

Okay, so there are really three reasons. 

3) HOPE. We know things (and not just porn addiction) can look bleak for marriages today. There are so many things that threaten to pull us apart and we can't seem to get untangled long enough to come back together, tightly knit. But with God, there is always hope that He will work beside you and through you and in you to bring freedom and love to your relationship. 

In case you haven't heard us talk about our story, you can listen to part one over at The Power of Purity podcast right over here. Praying that through listening you will know that you're not alone, that God really can take something Satan meant for harm and turn it for good, and that hope in God's power is restored in your hearts if you've been filled with doubt.