Marriage and Community: Shouldn't this be Private? (new video)

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It's kind of like the R.E.M. song, "Everybody Hurts...Sometimes," except this one would be called, "Everybody Needs Help...Sometimes." 

We need help. 

And this video is just an honest reflection of that. We're talking about 3 different types of help that married couples might need when they are going through hard times. Right now, we don't need meals and we don't need professional counseling, but we do need encouragement because this journey through grief is hard. It weighs us down and some days, we feel like it's a fight for every step, for every positive engagement, for every smile. The things that were easy and mundane now seem to take effort. And it's not all doom and gloom, for sure. But when the waves come, boy, do they come.

We're taking this opportunity to let y'all in because we also feel like it's so important for people to admit when they are in need of rescue. Sometimes you get so good at always rescuing that you miss the signs of needing help in yourself. You believe the lies that you always have to be strong and have it together (Jen). Or you stuff it down and pretend it doesn't exist (Craig).

Whether your in the position to bring rescue or whether you need rescue (and sometimes it's both all at the same time), we hope you'll get whatever you need and give whatever you have. Because people need to receive and they need to give. 

It's love, ya'll, that makes the world go round.