Marriage Meltdown: Busyness (Part 1)

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New video! Marriage Matters: Busyness (part 1)

Busyness kills relationships. Why? Because real relationships take time, effort, and energy. If we are constantly busy and on the go, we won’t be able to give each other or our marriage what it needs.

We will be too tired. Amen?

After an exceptionally busy weekend, Craig and I started talking about what motivates both of us to get (and stay) busy. This is where we start. If we don’t know the heart behind our choices, our behavioral changes won’t stick.

Just a note: there is seasonal busyness and then there is busyness as a lifestyle. But if we aren’t careful, our season can turn into a lifestyle and leave our most important relationships limping.

We’d love to hear what motivates your busyness!

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