How Do You Survive?

It's been quiet here, I know. Most of our time has been spent writing curriculum for our church and getting ready to launch our first Marriage Matters short-term group.


We are very excited. Why?

Because couples have signed up to invest time in their relationship.

Because we've gotten to take some of the best ideas from the best authors and researchers and put as much of the knowledge we've gained from them as possible into 8 sessions.

Because I'm a former elementary teacher and one of the homework sessions involves play-doh. (Now you want to sign up, don't you?)

Because God is giving us the incredible privilege of loving and serving where we live.

So time in the local realm leaves less time in the online realm, but I'm hoping we can adapt the local small group curriculum to something we can use online together, too. Because do you know what the tagline is for the Marriage Matters group?

Building stronger marriages together.

Marriage is hard. It's harder when you try to go at it alone and unfortunately, not everyone has a supportive community to rally 'round them.

But, I digress from the original reason I wanted to reach out to you: infidelity.

Surviving Infidelity

Somewhere lurking in most of us writers is the desire to write a post or an article that resonates with people, that's shared many times on various platforms. Normally, when I see a significant number of shares for an article I wrote, I am filled with happiness.

This one, not so much.

Because this one confirmed to me that possibly many more people have experienced infidelity than I had previously thought. So, then, I went and looked up the most recent stats:

Percent of marriages where one or both spouses admit to infidelity, either physical or emotional: 41

Over 1/3 of us.

I'm betting this doesn't account for pornography use, which as you know, Craig and I both feel is a form of infidelity.

But do you know what was so amazing about this whole thing? It was after this post went to's weekly subscribers, we sold out of our prayer cards. Why?

Marriages are hurting because of infidelity and so people pray for protection, for relational intimacy, restoration, and healing


Married people know the threat of infidelity is real and so they pray for protection, for relational intimacy, restoration, and healing.

No matter what situation you're in, prayer helps. Prayer has paved ways in our marriage that I didn't even know could exist. Because when our eyes are fixed on God, we stop looking at our limitations, at the impossibilities that lay before us. Prayer transforms our shattered hearts into something we never could conceive. 

We are never the same after infidelity, no. But would we really want to be?

I think about our marriage and how God has transformed it—transformed both of us. Broken clay pots, shattered and devastated, but now put together in a different form. I'm not sure what, exactly, but better than the pot we started with. No doubt still with issues, with scratches and dents, and imperfections galore. But still useful. Still lovely.

He does make all things beautiful, in His time.

To read the full post, hop over to iBelieve here.

Fundraising Update

Can you help keep us on the.png

Thank you to everyone who has offered up prayers for our fundraising! As many of you know, we have financed a majority of The {K}not Project on our own and are in need of some help to complete the projects that God has laid on our hearts. Heres's where we stand:

  • Marriage Matters Prayer Cards: FULLY FUNDED
  • North Point Atlanta's Re:group Conference : $270 needed
  • Plastic cases for Marriage Matters cards: $130 needed
  • Gratitude thru Grief e-book: $100 needed
  • Speak Up travel costs: FULLY FUNDED

We are so close to our fundraising goal! We'd love to end this campaign, fully funded, by APRIL 1. Every little bit helps! To donate or read more about this, please click here. (We are currently putting every bit of sales of MM Prayer Cards towards this goal, so feel free to grab a few in our store and bless your spouse, yourself, and others you know that could benefit from them!)

Know you want to donate now? Just click the button below.