Marriage Meltdown: Busyness (Part 2) & Fundraising Update!

10 Questions to Ask yourself-2.png

Take 2 for Part 2 in our marriage meltdown series on busyness (because who knew with an unknown click of a button, you could have theme music on top of your speaking?)

We took out the music, but isn’t this the reality of life? It’s noisy. Voice upon voice on top of each other, each one louder than the next. Everyone has something to say, something to ask of you. And to get to everyone and everything, it feels like you have to rush frantically. 

But what is this doing to you? To your relationships? To your own health?

And how do you slow down without getting run over in this fast-paced world?

Fundraising Update

So far we are almost 50% of the way to our fundraising goal!

We would so cherish your prayers for this campaign, as WE RECENTLY SOLD OUT OF OUR MARRIAGE MATTERS PRAYER CARDS. We already have a waiting list of people who want to purchase them and bring prayer into their marriages on a consistent basis. If you'd like to read more about our upcoming projects and find other ways to donate, please click here.