10 Ways Unrealistic Expectations Destroy Your Relationships


“Expectations kill relationships,” writes Ann Voskamp. As I ponder her words, I remember how my marriage has died a thousand little deaths. While my outlandish expectations have harmed many relationships, my poor husband has born the brunt of my affliction.

Affliction? you ask.

Yes, affliction. Because harboring unrealistic expectations is like a disease. One that chokes the life out of a relationship. It stifles the people around you, sometimes paralyzing them because they are afraid of disappointing you, failing you, angering you.

And maybe you have these unrealistic expectations of yourself, too? Do you feel the life draining from you? Are you afraid of not measuring up? Failing?

All those thoughts you have about yourself have a way of seeping into your friendships, your partnerships, and your marriage. Satan, the Father of Lies, will wedge them into as many areas as he possibly can because he is death incarnate.

We must identify and unravel the insidious ways unrealistic expectations have manifested themselves in our lives. Then, one by one, we can uproot them and make room for new life - for joy.

Here are 10 ways that unrealistic expectations can destroy relationships:

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