10 Benefits of Mentorship for Your Marriage

I'm over at iBelieve talking about the power of mentorship. Craig and I have been so grateful to have marriage mentors in our lives and they have all helped us navigate various tricky situations in a way that was far better than if we were trying to handle all things on our own. Do you have a marriage mentor? Do you wonder how they may benefit you? Well, then, read on for the teaser and a link to the full article...


If you're married, you’ve probably come to the realization that marriage is difficult at times. Perhaps you feel like marriage is difficult all the time. Wherever you are now, you are not alone. All marriages have their highs and lows, good times and bad times, times of elation and times of despair.

If you’re in a good space in your marriage, it may be difficult to imagine a time when you might need another couple on which to lead you through your next rough patch. If you’re in a not-so-good space, it may be difficult to imagine that another couple has actually had similar struggles and survived with their marriage intact.

But know these two things to be true: you will have hard times and you will need help. God knows this and greatly desires for you to have a community of people around you when those hard times hit. In fact, having community around you isn’t only for the challenging instances! Paul writes in Romans 12:15 that we are to “rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.” There is often much to celebrate in our marriage relationship, even when there is also much strife that elicits tears.

No matter what marital season you’re in, I’d love for you to consider the benefits of having a mentor for your marriage and to begin praying for God to bring a couple into your life who can come alongside you and your spouse. Not sure what benefits mentorship can bring? Read on.

1. Somebody knows how and when to pray for you. 

God created marriage to be a representation of how Jesus loves the church. Thus, we can surmise just from this that marriage is of extreme importance to Him. We can then deduce if something is important to God, it is also important to the enemy. What God wants to hold together, Satan wants to divide and destroy. There is a battle waging over the integrity and wholeness of your marriage and you need people who will intercede for its vitality and endurance. To let another couple in on specific needs you have in order to sustain your marriage helps you emotionally and spiritually. Knowing someone is fighting for you goes a long way for your mental well-being and it also impacts greatly the spiritual world around you.

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