And finally...a VLOG!


Man, what a summer! Feels like "the best of times and the worst of times" kind of break. Some really great things (a new puppy! a new job!) and some really hard things (chronic illness! hospital stays! death anniversaries!) happened and it has taken us a bit of time and effort to regroup.

But we're back and ready to reset and refocus on all God has for us in our marriage. What about you? How has your summer been? Good, bad, in between? Regardless, the beginning of the school year always feels like a time to refresh and reorient (I think it's all the new school supplies)! We're not talking about a whole redo, but just choosing one thing we can change, tweak, or add to allow our marriage to really come alive.

We'd love to hear the one thing you've decided to do to bring some refreshment into your marriage!