Fall Book Study

Join us here and on Facebook as we journey through Timothy Keller's book, The Meaning of Marriage. (We are so excited to do this with you! We will be reading right alongside y'all.)

Here's the deal: Craig and I are more intentional with our marriage when we actively engage in things that help us grow both individually and as a couple. It is so easy to let our days be consumed by work, parenting, and all those things that crop up in every day life. We could claim fatigue, stress, and other pressing priorities when it comes to taking time to invest in each other and our commitment. But if we know God created marriage, if we know that He has called us to have abundant life, if we know that He has a plan for our union, it makes sense that we put forth energy in making it good. This is our life partnership! And there's no time like the present to make it front and center in our lives. 

Craig and I have so much to learn about how to be a team, how to reflect Jesus' love to each other and to the world, and how to keep our marriage from becoming ordinary and mundane. Our purpose is not to "teach" you. Our purpose is to grow with you - to spur each other on and encourage each other to keep going when times get tough. This is {K}not your ordinary marriage "ministry."

What can you expect?

  • We will read a chapter together each week and hope you'll read along with us.
  • We will have our discussions here and on our Facebook page beginning Monday, October 17th. Feel free to leave your comments about that week's chapter any time during the week.
  • We won't post the week of Thanksgiving and we'll be done before Christmas break (there are 8 chapters in the book.)
  • This is our first online book study rodeo, so we are SO open to ideas and suggestions on how to make this better!
  • The purpose of this group is to be encouraging. All opinions that are respectful and said with love are great. Discussion is powerful and we can learn a lot, even when we initially disagree with something. We truly want to be iron sharpening iron.

Let us know if you have any questions! We purchased our book on Amazon, but since it's a pretty popular read, you'll be able to find it in most bookstores.