Marriage and Community: Shouldn't this be Private? (new video)

Marriage and Community: Shouldn't this be Private? (new video)

It's kind of like the R.E.M. song, "Everybody Hurts...Sometimes," except this one would be called, "Everybody Needs Help...Sometimes." 

We need help. 

And this video is just an honest reflection of that. We're talking about 3 different types of help that married couples might need when they are going through hard times. Right now, we don't need meals and we don't need professional counseling, but we do need encouragement because this journey through grief is hard. It weighs us down and some days, we feel like it's a fight for every step, for every positive engagement, for every smile. The things that were easy and mundane now seem to take effort. And it's not all doom and gloom, for sure. But when the waves come, boy, do they come.

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Why the Church Must Be a No-Shame Zone

Why the Church Must Be a No-Shame Zone

This week, we're talking about being spontaneous, and yet, here is a post about the Church and porn. Well, that's spontaneous, right? I never know when my posts for Covenant Eyes will go live and I don't always share them here, but this is a post that Craig and I both feel so passionate about—Satan uses shame in incredibly powerful ways and it is time for the Church to fight against these schemes.

Church, rise up. RISE UP.

The sins we commit in the dark, in the secret places, those are the ones Satan hones in on, where he continually speaks lies under the heavy cloak, in the deep recesses of our hearts where we shut out Light. Where can we take these sins? To Jesus, for sure. But where do we find the community that helps us in the recovery of these sins?

If the Church is just another space that heaps more shame, the Church then becomes another tool of the enemy.

This cannot be so.

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Giving Grace: Stress Strategies

Giving Grace: Stress Strategies

February has been INSANE for us. We knew this going into this month. We also know that the first part of March is more of the same. Until Sunday, we were doing well. We were tag-teaming. We were giving each other space for downtime. We were connecting on emotional and spiritual levels, even though we often weren't in physical proximity with each other. Our wheels were spinning at the same speed.

Sunday morning came. We were both exhausted. I had driven two hours away to speak at a retreat on Friday night and then drove back to town on Saturday morning to be at an all-day dance competition for our oldest. The adrenaline alone from speaking and then being a dance mom was enough to shut me down. Add in chores that had been neglected and I was over the edge. Unfortunately, so was Craig. And so the downward spiral of sarcasm and snippiness began. It took two efforts to try to regain our traction, but thankfully we did.

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Giving Grace: When Your Spouse has Anxiety

Email subscribers click here to see our video about dealing with anxiety in your marriage.

Not sure if you suffer from situational anxiety or if you have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)? Click here for info.

We wanted to provide you with some questions you and your spouse can discuss as you navigate together to health and learn how to manage anxiety. There is a "conversation starter" question for each of the strategies we've given in the video.

Question 1: What are some of the things that trigger your anxiety?

(Note: Sometimes anxiety seems to come on even when things seem calm. If this happens to you, be sure to let your partner know. Anxiety often lurks in our subconscious and rears it's head when we least expect it. It can be hard to explain why it's happening in the moment and we have a hard time making sense of it.)

If you'd like some more info on the difference between triggers and causes, I found a short article here.

Question 2: When you're experiencing anxiety, what are some of the ways your spouse can comfort you?

Helpful resources here , here and here.

Question 3: How have you seen growth in your emotional well-being? What further steps do you feel like you may need to take? What steps does your spouse see might be beneficial?

Prayer is always powerful. Here's a prayer card you can pray for yourself and for your spouse.