The Meaning of Marriage: Chapter 5

The Meaning of Marriage: Chapter 5

It's no secret that we're behind on our original schedule for our The Meaning of Marriage book study. Life happens to us. It happens to you. But I am learning, even as painful as it can be, that life interrupted can still be a beautiful thing.

Take this morning as an example: Craig brought the book over to me and showed me a page from chapter 5. He pointed out the paragraph on page 152 (which actually starts on 151). 

"Which of these flaws describe me?"

His question was an invitation, one better than being invited to the ritziest of Christmas parties, not because I was gleeful about pointing out his flaws, but because he felt safe enough to ask me what they are.

To look your spouse in the eye and ask him/her to tell you what's wrong with you? That's a hard thing to do. The kicker is, he already knows what his flaws are. So why ask? Is he glutton for punishment?

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