The Puzzle of Marriage

The Puzzle of Marriage

My daughter thought it would be fun to get a 1500 piece puzzle to work on as a family over winter break. 

"Fun" is relative.

For people like me, it feels more like a challenge, something to complete. It's about the finished product, not the journey. It's about conquering a feat that seems so impossible at the outset.

All those tiny pieces that all have a place. And not just any place, but a specific one. 

Details. Sometimes I hate details. 

But in the interest of family "fun" and now that the constant stream of holiday company around the dining room table is over, I've brought down the puzzle, laid out the mat, and started hunting for the edge pieces.

And, I've started thinking about how marriage is much like this puzzle.

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Grace or Karma: New Series!

Welcome to our new series! We hope you'll take a minute to watch our less than 7 minute video and ask yourself this question: Do you operate on the concept of karma or grace in your marriage?

It's much easier for us to operate out of the idea of karma (you get what you deserve) instead of grace in our marriage. We want to reward when rewards are earned and punish/withhold when it our spouse messes up or hurts us (think silent treatment, passive aggressive behavior, yelling, etc). But is this really how God calls us to treat each other? Is this how He treats us? Join us for a new series, Grace or Karma, as we take common trials that married people go through and share our tips on how to approach these things (and our spouses) with grace and love.

Here are some of the Scripture/book references in the video in case you want to study more on your own:

Does grace mean we get to keep on sinning? No, see Romans 6.

Where is the story of the Prodigal Son? See Luke 15:11-32

How did Jesus demonstrate grace to us? See Romans 5:1-11

What's that marriage book you were talking about? The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy and  Kathy Keller. Find it here.

What's that book you wrote about your journey through porn addiction? Pure Eyes, Clean Heart: A Couple's Journey to freedom from Pornography. Find it here or you can buy it from our store here.

Can't wait to see you back here next week!

Fall Book Study

Join us here and on Facebook as we journey through Timothy Keller's book, The Meaning of Marriage. (We are so excited to do this with you! We will be reading right alongside y'all.)

Here's the deal: Craig and I are more intentional with our marriage when we actively engage in things that help us grow both individually and as a couple. It is so easy to let our days be consumed by work, parenting, and all those things that crop up in every day life. We could claim fatigue, stress, and other pressing priorities when it comes to taking time to invest in each other and our commitment. But if we know God created marriage, if we know that He has called us to have abundant life, if we know that He has a plan for our union, it makes sense that we put forth energy in making it good. This is our life partnership! And there's no time like the present to make it front and center in our lives. 

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