The Kindness Challenge

The Kindness Challenge

On Monday, we talked about some stress strategies we use when life gets busy, complicated, and over-scheduled. Often, even if our lives are filled with good things—God-ordained things—we can still find ourselves frayed at the edges when we don't allow space for other God-ordained things, like rest and fun.

It was in my quiet time when God showed me that I needed to not be consumed by what I need in the moment. This self-focus seems only to grow bitterness and resentment when Craig doesn't meet those needs. It's easy for Craig to fall in the same trap.

God showed me that if we could simply take a breath and turn our eyes outward, if we could remember that God joined us together as a team, perhaps we could consider that, though we are frayed, we can mend each other, that God might give us the capacity to be filled as we fill.

It's a team. One team. So what you do to the benefit to the team, you naturally reap the benefit as a member of that team.

I'm sure, not coincidently, this is why we happened upon the Kindness Challenge created by Shaunti Feldhan. In her research, she found that 89% of relationships who took on this challenge saw improvement.

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