How to Show Your Type A Spouse S/he is a Priority

How to Show Your Type A Spouse S/he is a Priority

My friend, Katie Reid, recently published an article about "Type A" friend needs. As I read it, being Type A, my heart lurched at every single point. I responded to her Facebook post:

A thousand times "yes."

I admit: I love being Type A. I love how God fashioned my personality. I love productivity and efficiency. I love serving and planning and meeting people's needs. I am the queen of scheduling and family calendars and even meal planning, even though I loathe (absolutely loathe) cooking. I love setting goals and achieving goals. I also love winning and running and winning at running.

So much to love.

Although some of you who are not Type A may be gagging a little. Because you know the darker side of this side of the spectrum. You see the competitiveness, the non-stop drive, the work-based priorities, the restlessness, the people-pleasing, the unadmitted fatigue. 

If you are married to the Type A person, you see the ugly side more than most.

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