How Do You Survive?

How Do You Survive?

Somewhere lurking in most of us writers is the desire to write a post or an article that resonates with people, that's shared many times on various platforms. Normally, when I see a significant number of shares for an article I wrote, I am filled with happiness.

This one, not so much.

Because this one confirmed to me that possibly many more people have experienced infidelity than I had previously thought. So, then, I went and looked up the most recent stats:

Percent of marriages where one or both spouses admit to infidelity, either physical or emotional: 41
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Craig and I both grew up in a liturgical church, but after being on social media the past few years, we have realized that not every denomination celebrates the season of the Church. If you are unfamiliar with Advent, it's simply the Church season in which we prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus.


The season of Advent can be filled with intention. Often, I feel the temptation to rush through all the obligatory aspects of the season, but I have begun, also, to recognize the opportunity to savor, to slow, and to steep in the knowledge that this which we celebrate changed the world, changed us, changed me, forever.

One of the greatest things Jesus has taught us is the necessity of prayer. It is our lifeline, the main source of our connection to God. In our marriage, prayer has moved mountains, helping us to overcome we thought were impossible. If you or someone you know also has an impossibly immovable mountain in his/her life, I invite you to bless them with the gift of prayer. And, if you need a little guidance, we have just the tool for you.

Each deck comes with 52 prayer cards, each with a different theme, Scripture verse, prayer points, and action items designed to build intimacy in marriages. 

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