30 Days of Kindness Challenge: Not Always Easy, but Always Worth It

Sometimes it’s the dirty little things.  You know, like taking out the trash.  As I drove up the driveway, I saw that Jen had already moved the trash out to the curb.  To give you a little background, taking out the trash is my job and she did it for me. Maybe it was because I had been sick all week.  Maybe she felt like surprising me.  Honestly, it didn’t matter why she did it.  Jen made me smile.  It was a completely unexpected, unrequested act of kindness from Jen.

Here at The {K}not Project, we’re getting to the end of the Kindness Challenge.  It’s been a “challenge” to keep up with, that’s for sure, which is a strange thing to admit.  It should be easy, really second nature, to be kind to those we love, but as I’ve begun to discover, that is not the case. Why?

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