Tackling Tough Topics (new video!)

As you'll hear in the video, we weren't planning on doing a video this week. We're getting ready for our first speaking engagement as The Knot Project and didn't have time to plan something to say. But, as many of you know, married life tends to throw you curve balls, and POOF!, here we are with something to say. 

It started with dinner on Friday night, eating pizza in the dining room while our daughter and her friend had run of the kitchen. Craig's talking to me about work and slips in something about "mobility" (a.k.a. "willingness to move if the right opportunity came along") and BAM! I shut down. I couldn't even talk about it any more because of the fear and anxiety it stirred in me. Let me be clear: right now, there is no opportunity, no location, nothing. But I couldn't even fathom PROSPECTS, so I ended the conversation.

And then this morning, we are chopping up wood pieces from the tree in the backyard we recently had pruned. I discovered, I HATE CHOPPING UP WOOD. We had neglected this pile for so long, though, and it was now time to actually mow and edge the backyard. We had to do something about it, lest it get rotten, kill the grass, AND leaving us with no firewood for the (very far off) winter.

Just like I have to learn to tackle the hard conversation, lest our communication and intimacy rot, we had to tackle the tree. Together.

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