8 Lies that Can Cripple a Marriage

8 Lies that Can Cripple a Marriage

If you received our newsletter (and opened it), you may have seen my latest piece for iBelieve. It seems perfectly timed for the New Year, doesn't it? Why? Because in order to allow God to sow truth in us this season, we must ferret out the lies that we've used to negate or dismiss this truth.

But sometimes, we don't recognize that we're believing a lie until someone tells us the truth that corrects it. If this has happened to you, you're not alone. I've falsely believed several things about myself and my relationships based on a faulty image of God or the world. Sometimes, our families perpetuate lies because it's what the generation before them believed. But God wants His truth to be deep within us and He is faithful to show us another way to live—one that promotes health, freedom, and joy.

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Distractions {new video & short series}

Get distracted much? Us, too. These distractions keep us from our greatest goals and closest relationships. Craig’s opening up about how the distractions of negative self-talk hindered him in previous weight loss journeys and Jen reveals insight she just got this morning about how anxiety pulls her away from the One and the ones she loves. 

Our plan is to turn this into a series all centered around priorities: why we need them, how they get out of whack, and how we can refocus on them. We hope you'll join us.


Please also join us in praying for Las Vegas. 

Waking up to bad news like the Las Vegas shootings feels like a sucker punch to the gut. I mourn for those who have just experienced incredible loss and heartbreak. It makes me want to gather my family together and become hermits. 

But, yet, that is not what we are called to do. As families, we are called to go out into the world and love. If those of us who have the capacity to love and love well all shut up in our homes, who would be the voice for goodness? Who would advocate for a way for peace, for wholeness, for freedom, for healing?

Our first job is to love our families well and to connect with Jesus daily. When we do this, we are filled, not with our own strength and love, but God's. And because He gives so fully, because His well never runs dry, we can be sure that we can afford to give as much love as possible that overflows out of us.

Do justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.

And keep the faith.

Live Full Walk Free + Giveaway

Live Full Walk Free + Giveaway

Instead of sunshine, warm walks, and ice cream, my summer was filled with counseling appointments, painful conversations, and sleepless, tear-stained nights.

I’m sad to share in the midst of the marriage mess and stress, my response was basically,

“Yep, I’m outta here. I’m done. Didn’t think this was how the “happily ever after” story was gonna go — but God, I. can’t. do. this.”

Marriage can be hard, can’t it, friend? 

Truth be told, sometimes marriage can be lonely, pain-filled and heartbreaking.

So when the pressures of marriage-life intensify, what do we do?

How do we withstand the heat?


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The Meaning of Marriage: Chapter 5

The Meaning of Marriage: Chapter 5

It's no secret that we're behind on our original schedule for our The Meaning of Marriage book study. Life happens to us. It happens to you. But I am learning, even as painful as it can be, that life interrupted can still be a beautiful thing.

Take this morning as an example: Craig brought the book over to me and showed me a page from chapter 5. He pointed out the paragraph on page 152 (which actually starts on 151). 

"Which of these flaws describe me?"

His question was an invitation, one better than being invited to the ritziest of Christmas parties, not because I was gleeful about pointing out his flaws, but because he felt safe enough to ask me what they are.

To look your spouse in the eye and ask him/her to tell you what's wrong with you? That's a hard thing to do. The kicker is, he already knows what his flaws are. So why ask? Is he glutton for punishment?

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The Meaning of Marriage: Chapter 1

The Meaning of Marriage: Chapter 1

I was so giddy over this date (that wasn't even mine) because it was a witness. 

A witness that marriage is good.

A witness that marriage is fun.

Marriage is capable of inducing great belly laughs, sweet touches, and looks of admiration and love. You wouldn't know this couple had been married for over a decade. If you hadn't seen the wedding rings, you might have thought they were newly in love.

Why is this witness so important? Did you read the statistics in chapter 1 of The Meaning of Marriage? I found myself particularly floored on page 17. A twenty-four year old male announced his decision to never marry because "he had concluded that at least 70% of married people must be unhappy in their relationships."

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