Why Live Intentionally?

It can be easy to list what we think our priorities are. But if we compared that list to our calendar, would we see our priorities reflected there? 

This short series is not about being legalistic in making sure every day is carefully measured and in proportion with our priorities. Rather, it’s about taking our schedule and looking at ways where we can increase intentionality in our relationships and decrease the distractions in our lives.

Life is short. We want to make ours count. The intentional life is not only about your personal life, but all those who live around you, too. It's one way we can really aim to make both our relationships and our world a better place to be.



Distractions: Week 1

Get distracted much? Us, too. These distractions keep us from our greatest goals and closest relationships. Craig’s opening up about how the distractions of negative self-talk hindered him in previous weight loss journeys and Jen reveals insight she just got this morning about how anxiety pulls her away from the One and the ones she loves. 

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Many things trip up our health goals. Here's a bit about how Craig had to give up one things he really loved, but that distracted him from making the right choices for his well-being. Here's a little teaser: "Beer is NOT keto-friendly.  I was sad. Really sad.  But I’ve made the decision that my health is more important.  To borrow a phrase I heard once: “I love my life (and Jesus) more than beer.”  In discussing this with Jen, I thought it would be a fun way for me to process the grief by writing a break up letter to beer.  So here it is, for your enjoyment:"

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Sometimes it's not something tangible that keeps us from meeting our goals or keeping our priorities straight. Jen opens up about how her anxious thoughts kept her from being the person she (and God) wanted her to be. She writes, "If I'm continually distracted from what God has asked me to do, if I'm filling my life with tasks because I'm trying to prove worth, and if my state of mind is contingent on things going exactly as planned, I will not be safe. I will not be fresh. I will not be inviting." 

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Roles We Play and the Priority We Assign Them: Week 2

We all have several roles that we play in this life. Are you husband, wife, employee, brother, sister, friend? Are you a caretaker, a housekeeper, a social planner for your family? Are you a child of God, a missionary, a volunteer? How do you manage all of these roles and how do they shape your priorities? 

And perhaps, the most important question is this: Is what you say is important backed by your actions? 

Here's an opportunity to take a few quiet moments, list out your roles, put them in order of importance, and then ask your spouse if your life is reflective of that same order of importance. 

Watch the video and download the handy handouts, click here.

Many things threaten to keep us from keeping our priorities in order. Yes, distractions, but also lies we believe about ourselves or about God. Here's Jen's story of how she let her battle with numbers usurp her #1 priority and how she reoriented her life to keep that from happening again. She writes: "I could tell people what the Bible said about how to live and how to grow and how to love, but because of my own brokenness, I didn't know how to deep-down-on-the-inside trust that process. My life kinda looked like what I taught on the outside, but if you saw, really saw, you'd have seen I was always hedging my bets. Yes, God loves me even if I'm a blob on the couch, but just in case He doesn't, I'm going to work myself so hard that there's no question about my character or my worth."

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