We all have meltdowns in our marriage.

If there's anything we want you to know about us, it is this: we are authentic. When we make these videos, we are talking to ourselves as much as we are talking to you. Married life can be stressful. But, God has shown us that we can either stay tied together or come unraveled. Let's just say there have been moments of unraveling. But God is faithful. He graciously shows us how we can live better, love better, and forgive more easily. These videos come out of our overflow, the joy God gives us after working hard to work things out. They come simply from our passion for our marriage and for yours, from our desire to offer hope and light because we have been through despair and darkness. We are for you and want this place to be a community so we can ALL be for each other and our marriages.

Loss can make you feel, well, lost. Sometimes abandoned. Sometimes highly emotional or deeply inward. Sometimes scared and volatile. Sometimes depressed and angry. So many emotions and feelings can be difficult to navigate and hard for your spouse to navigate, too. 

But if we believe we are better together, there must be a way to find our way through loss and still keep our relationship intact.

Here’s a bit how we’ve felt and dealt with loss. May it be encouraging to you, no matter what kind of loss you’ve faced.

New video! Marriage Matters: Busyness (part 1) Busyness kills relationships. Why? Because real relationships take time, effort, and energy. If we are constantly busy and on the go, we won’t be able to give each other or our marriage what it needs. We will be too tired. Amen? After an exceptionally busy weekend, Craig and I started talking about what motivates both of us to get (and stay) busy. This is where we start. If we don’t know the heart behind our choices, our behavioral changes won’t stick.

When your marriage loses its identity: After almost 18 years of marriage, we still get our minds blown by new concepts that can radically impact our marriage. This idea that our marriage has its own identity, that it's a living and breathing thing that has its own set of needs, adds a whole new component to what it means for two to become one.

No one wants a crisis. We didn't. And yet, they come, don't they? During our recent marriage meltdown, we struggled with Craig's medical crisis. Since the urgency of the matter has passed, we had some time to debrief and discuss how we'd want to navigate these hard things when they come the next time around.
Ahhh! Vacation! Craig and I love to get away on a road trip and leave the cares of regular day-to-day life (well, most of them anyway) behind. But we're both guilty of setting some unrealistic expectations, letting what we wish we had get in the way of enjoying the present gift.
Anyone besides Jen guilty of nagging? Nagging our spouse is unproductive and actually detracts from the real communication your marriage needs. Here are 3 ways to bag the nag.
When your spouse is stressed, your whole marriage feels the tension. How can you best support your spouse through his/her stress without heaping it all on yourself? Here are 4 ways.
Our marriage melts down when one of us (usually Jen) forgets she's part of a team. But God designed us to be able to work together! Avoid a marriage meltdown by playing on the same team! And find out why the "when/then" philosophy just leads to more meltdowns!