Gratitude Thru Grief: Seizing Grace in the Face of Loss


Gratitude Thru Grief: Seizing Grace in the Face of Loss


You’ve experienced it. You can’t escape it no matter how hard you may try, for it’s an inevitable part of life:

Loss. And with loss comes grief. 

We grieve when we experience death—of a person, a pet, a job, a dream, an identity. The list goes on. There is no end to what we can lose on this earth—our health, a prized possession, a relationship with someone still living. With some things, we are able to experience peace quickly, but with others, to find deep and true healing, we have a journey to undertake. 

As Jen journeyed through grief after the loss of her mother-in-law, there were times it seemed unbearable, incomprehensible, and isolating. Unable to fathom how she and her family would cope with that first Thanksgiving holiday without her, Jen turned to Jesus. 

His answer?

Find gratitude.

She found gratitude through the pain, in spite of the pain, all the while also embracing the pain.

It sounded impossible at the outset, but through following His leading, Jen discovered that finding gratitude didn’t dismiss her grief. Instead, gratitude brought more validity to her grief and gave her a new lens through which to view it.

If you’re dealing with any kind of loss, this devotional book will help you identify thirty different ways to cultivate an authentic spirit of gratitude to help you through the darkness. Grappling with your grief through gratitude will help you find treasures you never knew you had.

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